Exploratory Adventure Ride

Written by Adventure Rider on 22 August 2011.

A group of us (4 vehicles)met on Saturday @ Crawford's Campground in Murphy, NC to test the Adventure ride Steve Springs so generously created for SAE 2011. We left the campground around 10:30am and proceeded to Tellico's trail #1 to run the route backwards. Danny @ Crawford's  told us that the trail was closed due to trail destruction/reconstruction. We wanted to verify this prior to the event and revise the map before participants tried it and were unable to navigate the designated trail. 

Certainly the terrain has changed at Tellico. Trees were down, trail 1 was being modified and sure enough, there was ROAD CLOSED sign at the beginning of the construction area. We will skip this part of the adventure ride as it is officially closed and we do not want to break any laws that may apply. 

We met at the trailhead for trail 5 and continued to navigate down River Road until we encountered FS 210, Turned left and proceeded up to the Tower on Tower Road where we stopped to eat lunch and explore the radio tower area. We backtracked to the intersection of the trail and proceeded until we encountered highway 63 and proceeded south on this until we found the next entrance to our off-road excursion which ulitmately bounced us out at Tellico Plains  where we gased up our vehicles and proceeded on the next leg of the adventure. 

We missed a turn that would take us through several water crossings, but managed to find the other end of the trail and back-tracked through the trail and did discover several minor crossings. We then proceeded to the next trail head on Hwy 63 until we found the trail and travesed it until we found the top of the mountain where what looked like an old aerial marker and concrete footings for some form of navigation tower.  This was beautiful site and we spent some time there talking, taking photos and just enjoying the view. 

We exited the area and proceeded  to the next leg of our journey. So far, no one encountered any issues other than a truck load of dust. Ultimately we arrived back at Crawford's around 4:30pm, took a restroom break and proceeded back to Blairsville. Back in Blairsville, a couple of us decided to stop at Poppies and have dinner. A great meal with entirely too much to eat. A great end to an adventurous day. No vehicle damage and other than the length of time in the  truck, no complaints. 

We covered about 100miles. Ninety percent of the ride was on Forest Service roads and the other 10% was on paved roads. We traveled through 3 states that day and saw some beautiful forest,vistas, and country. A bunch of fun for the inexperienced to expert off-roaders. 

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